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Brand Experience Agency Cibo Named AOR for FinTech Startup Income&

Cibo today announced their exclusive 2-year relationship as Brand Experience Agency of Record for Income&. Cibo is also an investor in the financial technology company.


Income& was created to address the unmet need in the marketplace for fixed-income investment products with higher returns and lower risks. The company’s PRIMO products will feature yields greater than 5% with unparalleled transparency, and will be backed by high-quality, prime-rated mortgages.

Like many brand new startups, Income& had a great product idea, but needed to raise their first round of funding to bring the product successfully to market. Understanding that the consumer experience IS the brand, Income& wanted to work with an agency that believed that as well. In hiring Cibo they acquired a partner that would be as relentless as they were about making sure every single moment of interaction with the company would be designed to be exceptional and satisfying.

“I knew from my previous work with Cibo that they had all the skills we needed to create a brand and launch it,” said Chief Marketing Officer Keith Meyer. “We had a name and a logo, but we needed everything else.”

Understanding the crucial importance of the funding process, Cibo immediately began work on the company’s pitch—both the story and the presentation—rewriting the story and carefully designing its visual impact.

“There was an immediate change in response when we began using our new pitch deck,” said Income& CEO Brad Walker. “Investors were very impressed, and our fundraising immediately took off.”

Cibo developed brand experience architecture, messaging, positioning strategies and an online presence to lay a foundation for the brand.  Cibo then went on to design the company’s mobile app, as well as a video demonstrating its use.

“Being able to show people a prototype of our product goes a long way to helping them understand how easy it is to purchase, and how transparent PRIMO’s are,” said Income& President and CFO, Benjamin Strub.“We believe fundamentally in the competitive advantage that comes from applying design thinking to business,” said Cibo CEO Lu Lacourte, “so much so that we’re willing to become not just partners, but investors too.”

As Brand Experience Agency of Record, Cibo has been hired to ensure that across all touch points, and across all offline and online customer moments with the brand, the Income& experience will deliver on the promises the brand makes.

“Engaging Cibo represents a unique opportunity,” concludes Chief Technology Officer, Vincent Phillips. “We have the chance to build our technology systems and processes starting from the ideal brand experience and working backwards, instead of the other way around.”

This article was originally published on LBB Online.

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