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Cibo Creates Stand-out Interactive Installation at Dreamforce

Dreamforce is the annual opportunity for Salesforce to demonstrate the power of their products to a wide audience. For the 2015 event, Salesforce wanted a digital agency to help to bring their Wave Analytics product to life as a central piece of their product showcase. Wave is the first mobile-led analytics solution designed and built for Salespeople to get instant insights on-the-go through a responsive, dynamic, and beautifully designed user interface.


As a brand experience agency, we never design in a vacuum. Even when we are working in a single channel, with a single brand touchpoint, we try to approach each project with a holistic understanding of the entire brand experience. In this case, we had to think beyond the solution we were asked to create to how it would fit in the overall context of the Dreamforce event experience.

The Analytics Cloud product showcase sits in the heart of the Cloud Expo, with gigantic LED displays, pounding music, and throngs of attendees streaming through every day. We knew our solution needed to reflect the beauty and responsiveness of the Wave Analytics app, while making it easy for people to understand how to use it. But in the chaos of the Expo floor, the most important thing was to make sure our experience stood out. If no one notices your booth at Dreamforce, it doesn’t matter how great the user experience is that you’ve designed.

Our answer was #WinWithWave, a larger-than-life, live game show experience where contestants could play with real data sets to uncover sales insights, facing off for a chance to win an Apple Watch at the top of every hour. The iPad-based game sat at the center of an experiential ecosystem designed to capture attention and draw in attendees. A dazzling 20-foot cylindrical LED column counted down the time until gameplay began, large LCD panels mirrored iPhones available with the Wave Analytics app on them and a custom-designed web application hosted on iPads helped guide participants through the gameshow experience. Participants had fun while they learned, and left with a clear impression of the beauty and speed of Wave Analytics.

With the help of our digital agency partner, Britelite Immersive, who provided the technology development and system design for the experience, the spectacle came together impeccably. At the end of the conference, thousands of customers and prospects understood how they could #WinWithWave.