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Cibo Launches Karmafix App to Promote Acts of Kindness

San Francisco – Today, integrated brand experience agency, Cibo, announces the release of their new mobile app, Karmafix. Designed in the spirit of the season, Karmafix enables people to pay it forward by allowing users to rehab their karma, and spread joy-one kind act at a time.


Serving up a fresh act every day, Karmafix invites users to complete a 30-day kindness challenge. Through social integration, users can easily share their completed acts and invite friends to join the community of kindness. Users can track their streak and view the progress of the greater Karmafix collective.

On a mission to repair karma across the world, Karmafix connects people through random acts of kindness and reminds us all to celebrate moments of doing good. Now available in the App Store. Download the app today.

Cibo is proud to announce that we are now part of the projekt202 family.

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