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Why We Joined Forces With Projekt202

When a company is acquired, questions always arise. Why now? Why this partner? What’s going to change? Here’s some thoughts on this exciting opportunity from our perspective.

We’ve been thrilled and extremely proud of Cibo’s success over the company’s past eight years of existence. We’ve built a profitable, successful independent agency that has delivered world-class work for some of the greatest brands on the planet. We could have easily continued on our current trajectory, growing steadily, but surely. But we aspire to more. A larger impact. Greater capabilities. Even more significant global engagements.


Along those lines, we’ve been exploring various ways of adding deeper technology capabilities and greater technology scale to what we’ve been doing. In the course of these explorations, we encountered projekt202, and were immediately struck by their similar culture, deep UX research and design capabilities, and how successfully they had married these skills to a best-in-class, modern technology development offering.

For their part, projekt202 has been on a journey to become the leading digital transformation services provider, spanning all manner of digital experiences for enterprise and consumer companies. Cibo’s brand experience portfolio and capabilities represent a logical extension of that journey, and a valuable set of expertise to add to projekt202’s robust offering. The more discussions we had together, the more it became clear that we would both be stronger together than apart.

To put a finer point on it, Cibo now has deep customer research and extraordinary technology development capabilities, while projekt202 now can design customer experiences across the entire customer journey, from marketing and communication experiences to customer-facing transactional experiences, product design, and more.

David Lancashire, projekt202’s CEO put it this way in the press release announcing the acquisition: “The ability to understand the delta between a brand’s promise and the day-to-day experience of that brand is the starting point for identifying a series of customer experience enhancements that can profoundly transform business performance.”

Our CEO Lu Lacourte concurred: “We believe that the experience a company delivers is its brand. And the bar continues to rise for the quality of those experiences in the market, regardless of whether you’re targeting consumers or enterprises. Joining projekt202 is an incredible opportunity to continue designing world-class brand experiences at a global scale, while now having the technology capabilities to bring those experiences to life.”

Everyone at the newly combined company is working hard to ensure that the biggest impact of this transaction is simply the ability to offer deeper, broader and more scalable capabilities to our current and future customers. For the foreseeable future, Cibo’s brand will continue to exist and our current customers will continue to interact with us as they always have, and with the team members they have grown to trust.

We’re extremely excited about this next chapter in our development as a firm, and can’t wait to introduce our clients to the amazing things we can now do for them. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.