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Are you engaging your customers?

Deeper insights. By understanding culture, context, and behavior we can unlock the experience that customers actually want—not just what they say they want.
It’s not difficult to recognize your target audience, but what they want from you can prove elusive.
Perhaps they’ve changed or you may have added new target audiences. Without finding the right people and asking the right questions, you could end up taking action on unreliable feedback.
Prompting without guiding. We’ll get honest answers from the people who actually know or need your customer experience. Then we can check your assumptions, test your hypotheses, and better understand what truly resonates with your audience.
We get to know you and your customers.
All of our work starts with discovery to confirm we are aligned on what you need, how we’ll do it, and that the research is focused on what you want to accomplish. The world is ever-changing, and our work can flex to meet constraints and uncertainties.
From global brands to small start-ups, here’s a few of the companies we’ve partnered with over the years.
“Cibo created a research community of prospective customers in our target market—while also designing our web site. This research community has become the holy grail of customer centricity.”
Andy Shirey,
Director of Product Marketing
Here’s just a small sample of solutions we can provide.
Discover current behaviors, motivations, needs of your target market
Test value propositions, prototypes, designs, ideas
Validate hypotheses, beliefs, assumptions about target market
Research (and marketing) community creation and management
Research and customer centricity workshops for teams
Competitive user experience measurement and benchmarking
We are researchers, strategists, writers, storytellers, designers, and developers.
But we’re more than that. We’re collaborative partners to our clients. Whether you want to go beyond and learn more than the research you’ve already done, explore new opportunities, or validate hypotheses, we’ll work with you where you are.
Wherever you are in your brand’s expression, we’ll help you create and execute a plan to deliver the customer experiences that will transform your business. Let’s talk.
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Roy Dube
Business Development Lead

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