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Experience design for innovation and disruption.

Our clients understand the value of great design and its ability to drive adoption, engagement, and loyalty in today’s complex marketplace. We design phenomenal brand experiences across the customer lifecycle by applying design thinking to business to connect, disrupt, and engage. Whether we’re crafting an end-to-end customer experience or just working on a single touchpoint, we design with an eye towards the holistic customer experience.


UX and Interaction Design

Visual design

Identity design

Service design

Application design

E-commerce design

Tradeshow and retail design

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What we do.

We take a fundamentally customer-centric approach to our design. Whenever possible we prefer to inform our work with insights generated through customer research, but we’re pragmatic enough to roll up our sleeves and get creative when timelines or budgets don’t allow for primary research. Insights can come from many places, including our extensive experience working across many industries and business models, not to mention our clients’ own expertise.

Our industry-leading UX design process begins with persona development and detailed customer journeys to inform our understanding of the role of the experience in the overall customer lifecycle, especially if these have not previously been created as part of a Brand Experience Strategy engagement. Screen maps, UX concepts, detailed process flows, and carefully annotated wireframes round out a complete interaction design package. When possible we love to test and prototype our ideas with users along the way.

We pride ourselves on not having a house style. 
Instead we tailor our design solutions to the values 
and personality of our client’s brand.
Bob Skubic
Chief Design Officer, Cibo

As the interaction design of a solution develops, our visual design team begins to explore how to synthesize the UX design within a visual design system that begins with look and feel explorations and eventually achieves its highest resolution in a final set of detailed designs. While some agencies are content to have a single designer create multiple directions for a project, having multiple designers explore possibilities for a design solution has long been a part of our formula for success.

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Our range of design services mirrors the variety and depth of our team’s experience, but over the years we have developed a number of specialties which include: corporate identity design and design systems; fully responsive e-commerce and transactional site design; touchscreen application design; software and mobile application UI design; tradeshow and retail experiences; and large-scale outdoor interactive experiences.

Words play an important role in any brand experience. Consequently we dedicate an equal amount of thought and creativity to the copywriting process. Coming out of the Brand Experience Strategy process, we work to define a voice and tone for each client, and then our writers participate in the complete creative process from concept to final execution. In addition to marketing and positioning copywriting, our clients often rely on us to produce everything from social content to technical whitepapers.

We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and our wide range of design expressions. Unlike some firms we don’t have a house style, instead carefully tailoring our designs to the values and personality of our client’s brand. While we’re proud to have won an occasional award for our work over the years, we really care only about one thing: whether we’ve helped our clients achieve their goals. Our work isn’t about a great portfolio piece, it’s about your success.

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