1000 Sansome Street
Suite 200
San Francisco, CA 94111

Dave Ulrich

Creative Director, Narrative

Long before Dave was helping with elementary school homework and feeding the family bunny, he was a globetrotting thespian from the heart of America. He performed, taught, and wrote his way around the world. Then, armed with nothing but enthusiasm and a homemade portfolio, he began pitching himself to advertising agencies in LA. Now, after 20 years of providing creative direction and copywriting to the likes of McDonald’s, Google, Apple, Twitter, Disney, Amazon, Toyota, and many others, Dave has found his dream team of collaborators. He’s able to find bliss from writing a brand TV spot or website copy. He’s as thrilled to draft an inspiring manifesto as he is to step back and mentor a talented teammate. As long as there’s an audience to satisfy, Dave is eager to play any part in creating memorable and meaningful experiences.