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Anki Brand
Pushing the boundaries of human experience using robotics and AI.

Pushing the boundaries of human experience using robotics and AI


Founded by genius roboticists who decided they weren’t interested in building war machines, Anki is one of the world’s most innovative start-up companies. Their first product, a re-imagining of toy slot car racing called Anki Overdrive was a smash hit that fueled rapid growth. Pretty soon, the company felt more like a toy company than the robotics and AI powerhouse the founders thought they had started. It was past time to define what the Anki brand stood for.

Brand Experience Strategy

What We Did

Engaged by the CMO, we conducted an abbreviated version of our Brand Experience Strategy approach that began with stakeholder interviews throughout the company and full-day closed-door sessions with the start-up’s founders. From this highly-facilitated process we distilled the essential components that the creative and strategy team forged into the foundations of the Anki brand.

Filtered through competitive intelligence and consumer insights, we took these touchstones of the brand and crafted a communication vehicle for existing and new employees that would clearly convey the vision and trajectory of the Anki brand

The Anki brand book perfectly captured the spirit that founded the company, and made it clear what the company was doing, and where it was headed. Anki never was and never will be a toy company. They are a robotics and AI company on its way to changing our relationship to technology. With a little storytelling help from Cibo.

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