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Smart is just the starting point. Now let’s try it with feeling.

Smart is just the starting point. Now let’s try it with feeling.


He may be small, but he’s got a big brain, and an even bigger personality. His name is Cozmo, and he’s the latest product from minds behind one of the world’s most innovative companies. Anki asked us to help introduce Cozmo to the world.

Cibo has been an invaluable partner. They challenge us both creatively and strategically to push us to places we didn't think were possible.
Craig Rechenmacher
Chief Marketing Officer
  • Experience Design
  • Technology Development
  • Copywriting
What We Did
What We Found
Show and Tell.
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You don’t just play with this toy. It plays back.
We needed to craft an online storytelling experience that conveyed something of the connection that Cozmo was capable of making with kids. This connection was not only important to help kids understand that this was the first truly AI-driven robotic toy, but to help parents understand what they were buying.
Moving from a one-product company to two.
We had previously designed Anki’s e-commerce site to focus on their single product, the smash hit Anki Overdrive battle racing game. But now we had to re-architect the experience to turn them into a multi-product company, rethinking the home page and global navigation.
Putting emotion above technology.
Our key task from both a UX and a design perspective involved telling Cozmo’s story in a way that emphasized his personality over the (admittedly revolutionary) technology that powered it. We opted to keep it simple, and let him do the talking.
Uncompromising mobile experience.
We had initially designed a best-in-class responsive HTML e-commerce experience for the Overdrive product, and Cozmo deserved no less. We made sure that the mobile discovery of Cozmo was just as compelling as the desktop experience.
Telling a compelling, and understandable, tech story.
Cozmo represents the pinnacle of consumer robotics and artificial intelligence. While that tech isn’t the selling point, we still needed to convey just how much of a revolution this little robot represents, in words that even kids could understand.
Anticipating Oscar-worthy moments.
Cozmo was designed to become part of the family, so we knew that soon after launch, we’d start getting selfies, videos, and other social documentation of the world’s most mischievous robot. So we built a place for everyone to share their #cozmoments with the world.
And then there were no more.
Cozmo deserves all the credit for endearing himself so quickly to the world that he sold out even before the Christmas holidays, but we take some pride in designing the site that helped make him a seriously hot commodity.
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