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Damon Motors
An electrifying moment in the evolution of the motorcycle.

An electrifying moment in the evolution of the motorcycle.

Damon Motors

Award-winning manufacturer Damon Motors has set their sights on defining and shaping a smarter, safer future for riders. With a lofty goal to achieve zero fatality by 2030, Damon is positioned to completely transform the motorcycle industry. On the horizon is the release of Hypersport, Damon’s first all-electric sportsbike, and it’s poised to set the world on fire. Damon needed a website that matched the magnitude of their vision.

Cibo was the perfect partner. Awesome creative, great communicators, and they were never afraid to push us or take chances.
Doug Penman
CMO, VP of Brand, Damon motors
  • Experience Design
  • Copywriting
  • Voice and tone
  • Art Direction
  • Web Styleguide
  • Prototyping
  • Web Development
What We Did
What We Found
Seeing is believing, virtually.
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Engage. Excite. Entice.
This mantra served as the foundation of our approach. The new site invites the customer to engage with Damon’s active community of supporters who are committed to building a safer future. Then, we hit them with a burst of excitement. Using x-ray mode to see the bike’s interior mechanics, zoom-ins to see micro details of the engine, and hotspots to reveal safety and performance features, the customer gets to experience the showroom thrill right from the comfort of home.
The future is alive.
In order to tell Damon’s new brand story to the world, we conducted stakeholder workshops and honed in on key messages and visual elements needed to build Damon’s vision of the future in the present. Damon motorcycles are the fusion of human and machine, each inspiring new life in the other. So “Alive” became the central concept in our branding efforts.
This is the last bike you’ll ever want or need.
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