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Game Golf
When your game is measured in inches, it helps to improve every moment.

When your game is measured in inches, it helps to improve every moment.

Game Golf

When you’ve built an innovative new consumer device that promises to revolutionize the way that amateurs play golf, everything moment of experience can make the difference between success and obscurity. What began as an initial request to design the packaging for their next generation device turned into a complete re-think about how the company was bringing its remarkable Internet of Things product to market.

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Packaging Design
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What We Did

Game Golf makes a revolutionary device that allows serious amateur golfers keep track of their score and improve their game. Sold alongside other high-end Internet of Things (IoT) devices in Apple stores and other non-sports retailers, Game Golf initially asked us to help them design a package that demonstrated the new, more powerful features of their product while making it clear that this was a personal device for the sport of golf and at the same time.

It quickly became clear that the challenge before us was more than simply the design of aesthetically pleasing product packaging. Game Golf had two big opportunities to exploit. The moment of experience when a customer picks up the package for the first time offered the chance to explain what the product was, how it was used, and the benefits it might bring to their game. This moment also represented the chance to clearly differentiate their product and brand from other consumer Golf devices in the marketplace.

We quickly realized that Game Golf needed to shift their entire positioning to better stand out from their competitors, who all focused on technology through numbers and statistics. We chose to focus instead on what the product helps the customer accomplish, namely, unlocking their potential and helping them become a better golfer. This key insight and shift of the company’s positioning drove an overhaul of all the marketing efforts of the company, and led to a redesign of the company’s web site, entirely new photography and new print and digital advertising. The result? Better than expected product sales, and a clear point of difference in the marketplace.

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