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Generation Tux
There are no do-overs on the most important day of your life.

There are no do-overs on the most important day of your life.

Generation Tux

When celebrity businessman George Zimmer decided to reboot his career, he took aim at the men’s formal wear rental business, which he believed was ripe for disruption. He came to Cibo with little more than a legal pad full of ideas and the money to make them real, and asked us to design everything –the name, the logo, and the entire brand experience. We jumped at the chance.

Cibo’s combination of deep UX and e-commerce expertise, brand strategy, and identity design was just what we needed to ensure that the complexities of this business were never imposed on the customer.
Matt Schow
CMO, Generation Tux
  • Brand Experience Strategy
  • Naming
  • Customer Research
  • Identity Design
  • Experience Design
  • Usability Testing
What We Did
What We Found
Every detail matters.
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Forget “add to cart.” Weddings are about relationships.
Our primary qualitative research, conducted with newly married couples, wedding planners, and engaged couples demonstrated the complexities and the stakes involved in the fashion side of wedding planning. We involved customers all the way through our design process to make sure we were building an experience that would support their goals.
The groom wears the tux, but the bride is the customer.
Having everyone look great on that special day matters. But the bride has many better things to do than manage what the groomsmen are wearing. We designed for peace-of-mind.
Different people, different approaches.
More complex than a simple e-commerce site, we found that the site needed to support different approaches to planning a wedding wardrobe. Some couples wanted to begin with event setup, while others wanted to begin with outfit selection.
Skip the mannequin, but make dressing fun.
Tuxedos are assembled piece-by-piece, and fashion is only one consideration. Matching the bridal dress and other elements of the wedding aesthetic have become increasingly important. We designed a new kind of visualizer experience.
The bride deserves a dashboard.
The largest source of anxiety around tuxedo rentals for the bride can often come down to not knowing whether everyone has taken the necessary steps to get measured and has ordered their garment in time. We designed a dashboard that eliminates the stress.
Keeping it simple for guests.
Those in the wedding don’t have to make decisions, they just have to take action: check out their outfit; pay for it; get measured; arrange for delivery. One of our thirteen key process flows ensured that guests moved smoothly from notification to delivery.
Getting the fit right. From head to toe.
Getting the measurement right is a huge hurdle in the tux rental business. This was not just an “add to cart” assignment but designing a foolproof way to getting accurate measurements. A simple easy to follow video. A branded Generation Tux measuring tape. The attention to details.
Wherever you are in your journey, get in touch. We’ll discuss where you’re at today and create a plan to deliver a customer experience that will transform your business.