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A sexy business laptop? That’s a beautiful contradiction.

A sexy business laptop? That’s a beautiful contradiction. 


The world of PC business laptops has long been a boring place. Until Lenovo developed the Thinkpad X1 Carbon notebook to challenge the rise of Apples MacBook Air. Lenovo needed a way to create interest and awareness for this new product. And it was critical that the Thinkpad line’s 20+ years of positive attributes and success be brought forward while also clearly positioning the product as new, innovative, and competitive to the MacBook Air. The key lay in understanding the product’s beautiful contradictions.

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What We Did

We had to tell a brand story anchored in the Thinkpad’s heritage while at the same time making it a modern object of desire. The advertising solution would have to be dynamic, interactive, and deliver hands-on experiences that would show as much as they told. In short, a consumer’s initial experience of the campaign had to be as good as the product itself would be.

We developed a campaign based on the theme of “beautiful contradictions” that told the unique story of the product and the Lenovo brand in an engaging and compelling way. Print, video, out-of-home and interactive banner experiences raised awareness and drove consideration for this new laptop, casting it as a hero worthy of a fight to the death with Apples’ MacBook Air.

Through these experiences we drove interest to mobile and desktop experiences that allowed people to interact with the product using virtual demos that highlighted core capabilities. To deploy the campaign globally, we created a marketing toolkit for use in over 60 countries that gave Lenovo sales & marketing teams a clear understanding of what made this laptop different than its competitors and how to successfully position it to win. The result? Phenomenal sales and what Lenovo’s Global CMO David Roman called “one of the best integrated campaigns and creative we’ve ever done.”

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