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Showing the world what customer success looks like.

Showing the world what customer success looks like.


The world’s most innovative software company moves at a faster pace than many start-ups. The company’s web marketing has to keep up with that breakneck pace of events, acquisitions, and iterative improvement. So Salesforce has made Cibo as an extension of their digital team focused on the digital aspects of their brand experience.

Cibo does great work. Period. They’re very thoughtful and they work in a collaborative way, and we have a strong partnership. It feels like they’re part of our team.
JD Swartz
VP & GM Creative & Digital
  • Brand Experience Strategy
  • Brand Experience Assessment
  • Experience Design
  • Advertising
What We Did
What Salesforce Needed
Digital marketing experiences
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Designing at the speed of business
Salesforce wants the best of both worlds—crisp, branded digital marketing executions done rapidly in close collaboration with their internal design teams. For us, client success comes before adherence to our own methodologies or approaches. We’re ready to roll with whatever a client can throw our way.
A new front door.
Working hand in hand with the internal creative team we developed and extended a new look and feel for Salesforce.Com. As part of this system design project, we were tasked with the redesign of the home page. Our redesign met with rave reviews, and more importantly, higher engagement numbers.
Making millions with usability.
With conversion rates flagging in one of the company’s key BtoB marketing offers, Salesforce asked us to think about ways of improving the path to enrolling in a free trial of the software. Our redesigned lead generation form increased conversions by more than 50% overnight for the first market in which it was implemented.
Selling thought leadership.
In a push to do more thought leadership without a heavy marketing hand, Salesforce asked us to develop a thought leadership brand for communicating ideas and content to sales leaders around the world. The result was Quotable, a stand-alone content destination for all things sales.
Every year, the Dreamforce event re-imagines what an immersive brand experience might mean for Salesforce and its customers. And each year the event’s web site brings the event brand to life for tens of thousands. We’ve designed the look and feel of the site every year for the past few years.
Moving beyond the eBook.
Give us your e-mail, then you can download this document. The downloadable PDF eBook has been the currency of online BtoB marketing for more than a decade. Interested in exploring alternatives, Salesforce asked us to conceptualize and prototype an alternative that would deliver a better experience to the prospect, while providing more granular intelligence to salesforce. In response we developed the Interactive Sales Device.
Talk to someone.
Spend enough time on the Salesforce site and you’re bound to be offered an opportunity to chat with a salesperson. The experience of engaging Salesforce over live chat wasn’t living up to expectations, however. So we were asked to rethink it from beginning to end. Our recommendations are still being rolled out, but the numbers already show we’ve made significant improvements.
Answering the fundamental question.
In an effort to provide better destinations for both Search Engine Marketing and key informational paths through the site, we worked with the Salesforce creative team to develop Salesforce Advantage, a single page that tells the compelling story of how Salesforce positively impacts those companies that adopt it. Think of it as a one-stop-shop for a complete value proposition.
Deep and getting deeper.
In the lengthy time we’ve been working with Salesforce we’ve become a trusted partner that in many ways works as an extension of the company’s internal teams. We’ve become respected for our UX thinking and our great visual design, not to mention our responsiveness and flexibility. And along the way, we’ve shaped a good portion of Salesforce’s digital marketing experiences.
Wherever you are in your journey, get in touch. We’ll discuss where you’re at today and create a plan to deliver a customer experience that will transform your business.
Cibo is proud to announce that we are now part of the projekt202 family.

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