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Subaru Brand
Fueling the world’s fastest growing automotive brand in Asia.

Fueling the world’s fastest growing automotive brand in Asia

Subaru Asia

It may be the fastest growing automotive brand in the world, but Subaru in Southeast Asia was not on the radar of most consumers. Glenn Tan, the visionary young CEO of Motor Image Group, the exclusive Subaru distributor in the region, came to Cibo with a simple task: relaunch the Subaru brand in 9 countries and sell more cars. As the company’s brand experience agency of record, we’ve spent the last two years doing just that.

When I heard Cibo talk about the experience being the brand, I knew they could help me differentiate Subaru in Asia across advertising, dealer, and digital experiences.
Glenn Tan
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  • Market Research
  • Brand Experience Strategy
  • Advertising
What We Did
What We Found
Borrowing from a unique heritage
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In a word: unstoppable
With a society full of conventions and rife with unspoken behavioral norms, Subaru customers are quietly, sometimes privately rebellious. They are the mavericks, the independent thinkers, the ambitious and the self-directed. They are unstoppable, a word that became the core of the new internal brand architecture. As an outward facing concept, unstoppable translates into All Heart, the soul of Subaru Asia’s brand campaign.
Telling the All Heart story
Articulating the meaning and impact of All Heart as a brand concept internally first took the form of a manifesto connecting the heritage of the brand, the consumer insight and the vision of its CEO.
Connecting with the emotion of All Heart
We also developed a script and video concept that dramatized the concept of All Heart to further deepen and reinforce its relevance, value and spirit. While we can’t show you the video, you can eavesdrop on it.
The beating heart of technology
Subaru believes in creating the world's safest cars, and their customers have begun to recognize this. To better tell this story we created a Core Technology Campaign to run in conjunction with our brand and model efforts. The campaign highlights key elements of Subaru Core Technology, including Symmetrical AWD, the Boxer Engine, the new Global Platform and EyeSight®, showing how each are unique in the automotive world today.
Is there anything 
you can’t do?
The everyday hero that is All Heart provided the basis for our first car-model advertising campaigns. Subaru initially asked us to focus on the family-oriented Forester SUV, for which we developed the campaign tagline “Is there anything you can’t do?” and a series of television spots focusing on the small-time heroes in life. For more information on these campaigns, check out our Subaru Advertising case study.
A foundation for growth.
Establishing a coherent and compelling brand platform provided us a strong foundation on which to build out the entire Subaru Asia brand experience. From broadcast TV advertising to dealer signage, billboards to magazine and newspaper advertisements, we continue to elevate the brand to greater prominence and sales success. Learn more about our advertising work for Subaru Asia.
Core-Tech Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive
Core-Tech EyeSight
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